Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cherokee Line Dancers Club news

January, 2008-----our line dancers were trickling back from Christmas travelling. We all needed to refresh our dancing and began learning some new dances for the new year. We began our community dances by performing at Fountain Place the end of February. We danced inside on a sort of block tile floor which echoed the stomps very well. The audience was so enthusiastic and we appreciated that.

On March 18th, we danced for Eaglecrest Nursing Home. Always a great reception there. The night of March 27th, we danced in a huge hall in the lower level of the Catholic Church in Horseshoe Bend. There was a very large audience---probably due to Carole Robe posting advertisements all over town! We had the most wonderful time and the people were fabulous----very vocal and appreciative. And they treated us to desert and coffee-----wonderful! We all were extremely happy.

April, 2008----Danced at Ash Flat Nursing Home April 17th. They would like us to come monthly, but we were not able to commit to that. We think we can get back there in June. Our group was invited to participate in the big Arts & Crafts Festival in Hardy, AR. on April 19th. This is the beginning of the tourist season there. So about 11 of us danced on concrete right on Main Street. People came to watch and we enjoyed all the attention. The weather was really chilly and we were in the shade. I don't think any one of us got overheated --- that was a first. To top off this fun experience, we have been included in Main Street Hardy's Fall schedule for the huge Festival held every October. This is all very exciting for us.

New people continue to join us dancing at Omaha Center on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We always enjoy having new people come to dance and grow with us.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Very Busy December, 2007

The Cherokee Village Line Dancers Club kept quite active in December. In addition to our usual Tuesday and Thursday dancing, we thoroughly enjoyed performing at several nursing homes.

December 4th, we danced at Shady Oaks in Thayer, MO. We especially like to go there because of the very large area provided for us, and because everyone there is so very enthusiastic. Afterwards, we ate at a really neat restaurant----our first time there. December 5th found us performing in Horseshoe Bend, AR. Another fun audience. And, then we had to go out to eat. The final Christmas program was December 18th for the brand new nursing home in Salem, AR. A beautiful place. Eating, of course, was necessary afterwards.

So many members were swamped by the holidays, travelling, entertaining, etc. However most of us managed to gather at a local restaurant for our annual Christmas Party on December 13th. Always so much fun. Carole Robe does a magnificant job in decorating, handling all the arrangements, etc.

We wish everyone a Very Happy 2008. Please check back to see future posts.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cherokee Village Line Dancers

The Cherokee Village Line Dancers is a fun group of people who love to dance. Anyone can join and it's free! We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Labor Day through Memorial Day, at Omaha Center in Cherokee Village and dance from 10 a.m. until 11 a.m. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, we meet only on Tuesday mornings.

The contact person is CaroleAnne Robison. Email us for information.

From time to time, we perform for various groups. Also, we like to dance at nursing homes in Ash Flat, Salem, Highland and Horseshoe Bend. And we enjoy dancing up in Thayer, MO. at a nursing home there. Then there's Senior Centers and an Adult Day Care who appreciate our entertaining them.

Most recently we danced at Octoberfest in Cherokee Village (photo above - click to enlarge). We've been invited to perform yearly and always have a grand time and an enthusiastic audience. We followed that 3 days later by performing at a nursing home in Ash Flat. Right now, we are scheduling for December-----always a busy month for us.

So, please come and watch us at Omaha Center or join in on the fun. We think you'll feel most welcome and have a good time.